Require Liberal Netherlands to install a Corona track & trace app?

Bubl is contributing to the development of CO-nect based on a very profound drive. They have a ready-built platform that is well suited from a visionary, innovative and ideological perspective to guarantee the privacy for people when working with apps like CO-nect. Bubl founder & CEO Niek Temme explains.

Big brother is watching you?

Will the government be keeping tabs on everyone? Should we sacrifice our freedom? Mainstream media have been publishing several opinion piece anticipating that we are headed for a totalitarian regime, which will be more catastrophic than the Corona outbreak itself.

The Dutch governmental press conference of Tuesday April 7th, where the PM and the minister of Health announced the development of two apps, has stirred up a lot of commotion. One app was announced to simplify diagnosis and one to facilitate backtracing of infections. Especially that last one raised a lot of questions. 

Both the PM and the minister of health stressed that ‘backtracing’ app would only be adopted if privacy could be guaranteed. But how does one manage that? How can an app, designed to
make people stay in when they could be infected, preventitself from leaking all kinds of sensitive personal data to the government ‘by accident’? Effectively relieving you of ownership of your own data?

Bubl & CO-nect guarantee privacy by design

The minister of Health was unable to answer these questions, but we can! We developed and own a technique to make this happen, which is why Bubl participates in CO-nect. We created an inherently privacy safe Cloud platform where privacy by design is automatically applied to any app connected to it. Apps like CO-nect. CO-nect will be the first blueprint to envelop any Corona track & trace app to work with Bubl. It secures the relevant information to map the spread of Corona and guards your privacy at the same time.

Contributing, in a privacy secured way

We believe this is how you execute a privacy secure track and trace app:

  • Inform the individual, not the government.
  • Record only phone proximity, WITHOUT using GPS.
  • Store data locally in a decentralized fashion, without a central database.
  • Exchange data using end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer technology.
  • Focus on behavioural change and self-monitoring, rather than on obligations tot he
    individual set by the government.
  • Ensure the spreading and use of the app based on attractiveness and free choice.

Only by complying with all these points, it is possible to create an app and guard privacy at
the same time. Why? Lets see…

Inform the individual

The final goal is to slow down the spread of Corona. Not just during lockdown, but also when normal life resumes and we are back to school or work. Social distancing will need to remain, group formation should still be avoided, contacts limited and self isolation remains necessary for sick and susceptible people. It is not the government that needs to be informed, but, rather,  the person who has to actually follow these rules.

Record contacts, not location

There is no need to know who you are dealing with. Anonymity is entirely possible. There are several global initiatives trying to bring this into reality. They achieve privacy secure tracking by using Bluetooth technology on your phone. Without actually knowing who in fact owns that phone.

Use decentralized technology, avoid central data storage

The phone is actively guarding the necessary information. There is no need for centralized storage. The data can remain on the device, which only downloads a list of phones that are
flagged ‘possibly infected’ using peer-to-peer decentralized technology. This allows the phone to locally calculate your risk.

End-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer technology

Given that there is a need to exchange data with your family, friends and acquaintances, why not use end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer technology? Just like the well known messaging apps do. Similarly those apps do not allow anybody access to your data but yourself and your conversation partners or groups.

Focus on behavioural change and responsible conduct

When you approach the individual anonymously, there is no need to inform the government.
The focus then becomes how people gain the insights to steer their actions and how to motivate people to follow their guidelines. The app shouldn’t become a ‘panic-app’ either. The phone only needs to provide advice and suggestions for proper behaviour. And that is something that can also be done in a fun way. By using gamification. By using CO-nect.

Spread the app naturally and voluntarily

When an app becomes mandatory, odds are people will not comply easily or may even resist. Allowing people the autonomy to apply the app based on their own insights and for the betterment of their health and the health of others. If people themselves choose to spread an app, support will be much more substantia land the 60% coverage required will be achieved much faster.

The proof is out there!

It is hard to design an app that does all of the above. Harder than simply coughing up and sharing all that data. At Bubl, we have created apps with the required technology. The Bubl Connect app. Not to be confused with CO-nect, in which we apply this knowledge directly.

What can Bubl Connect do?

  • Our Bubl Connect app registers users completely anonymously. If any of your contacts change their contact info, you will be notified, without us knowing who any of you are. The app updates itself.
  • Bubl Connect exchanges contact info based on end-to-end encryption and peer-to-peer technology. Nobody other than the person you have designated has access to this data.
  • Our Bubl platform stores your data decentrally in your private data vault in you own Bubl. 
  • Even invites to use the app are completely anonymous and encrypted.


CO-nect is our next mission. We contribute by offering our patented technology and our expertise to create a fully privacy secure app to stop Corona. This is going to be very interesting, and good fun as well. So join our battle against Corona. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Join us at CO-nect.